Following on from the Climate Conversation meetings held in October 2019 and January 2020 (more to follow), it was suggested that a dedicated Assynt Development Trust web page be created with useful links relating to how people can get involved locally with climate action and other environmental action.   This is it! 

(Ideas are welcome as to what resources and links could go on here.)


Journey to Zero Waste Assynt  –  a facebook group with environmental discussions, notifications of local actions like beach cleans, and lots of interesting links and ideas.

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Lochinver Lift Share  –  a facebook group for people seeking or offering lifts to and from Assynt, great for helping reduce carbon emissions from travel.

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Planet Sutherland  –  a group formed in 2019, covering all of Sutherland, which organises ‘carbon cafes’ and film nights, both with informal discussions, hosts web resources, and organises various projects, including a farm plastic disposal project, and Ardgay Apple Tree Project.  Most of its events are currently based further East, including Lairg.  Car liftshares to many of their events are possible, and are likely to be 

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Planet Sutherland website

Planet Sutherland facebook group

Planet Sutherland business survey page


Home Energy Scotland    –   a network of local advice centres, with expert advisors offering free, impartial advice on energy saving, keeping warm at home, renewable energy, greener travel, cutting water waste and more.   Their mission is to help people in Scotland create warmer homes, reduce their bills and help tackle climate change.

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Electric Vehicle Loan Scheme   –   interest-free loans are available up to £35,000 to buy new electric vehicles, repayable over 6 years.

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Click on link above, or call 0808 808 2282 to ask about the scheme for a personal vehicle, or 0800 0931 669 to ask about the scheme for a business vehicle.


Resource Efficient Scotland  –  provides advice to businesses on energy saving and reducing water use and waste.

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They also operate a loan scheme for businesses towards the costs of these measures, which is interest free up to £100,000, and currently offers 15% ‘cashback’ on this loan, effectively meaning 15% of the amount is received as grant, not needing repaying.

(From April 2020 this loan will only be available towards energy-saving measures, not waste/water use reduction.)

resource efficient scotland loan fund image


Electric Bikes

EST ebike loan image

Energy Saving Scotland offers Transport Scotland interest-free loans for the purchase of eBikes – the loan is for up to £6,000, repayable over 4 years, and covers the following (per household):

  • 2 x ebikes capped at £3,000 each
  • 1 x family ecargo bike capped at £6,000
  • 1 x adaptive ebike capped at £6,000

Link: Energy Saving Trust eBike Loan page  or call 0808 808 2282.


Assynt eBikes  –  eBikes are available for Assynt residents to hire from Assynt Leisure Centre.  More info available here.

Assynt ebikes image


Baddi-Bikes – bike hire in Assynt 

People staying in Assynt can hire bikes to explore the area in an environmentally friendly way from: Baddi-bikes, based at Baddidarroch, Lochinver.