Consultation about development options for sites around Lochinver

ADT contracted Matt Bridgestock of John Gilbert Architects to carry out a design workshops project to explore development options for a number of sites around Lochinver.  Workshops were run by Matt in late April and late June 2019.

Matt produced three initial sketches for possible development  – one relatively modest, including 4 housing units and some enterprise/storage units, one more ambitious, with industrial units and a total of 7 housing units, and one which represents his ‘blue sky thinking’ as to a future vision of how land use including industry, commercial development and housing could exist in the area, maybe in 20+ years time.

An online survey has been carried out along with getting feedback during the workshops and on facebook, emails etc.

Matt is to produce a Project Report, including more detailed design drawings.  We have now receved the draft Project Report, and expect to have the finalised version in late August, and will publish the report on this website when completed.

The short online survey to give opinions of Matt’s sketched proposals is still open, here: , and further feedback is welcome.

Matt’s sketches are included in the survey, and shown below.

Sketch 1 for survey

sketch 1 units detail    site F zoomed in - sketch 1

sketch 2 whole map

sketch 2 harbour detail  sketch 2 - housing detail

sketch 3 whole map

sketch 3 harbour detail  sketch 3 east detail

This project has been funded by Scottish Government’s Making Places fund, Highland Council discretionary fund and Highlands & Islands Enterprise.

Pictures of the sites, along with descriptions and some ideas from Assynt residents so far, are available here, as a downloadable pdf.