The Loo at the Light has re-opened
From its opening in 2013 the Loo at the Light was open while Leigh Sedgley’s Tea Van was open, six days a week in the summer season.  It is now open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, all year round.   We have amended the price from £1 to 50p – but you do need a 50p coin as it is coin-operated.  All profits go towards community benefit work in Assynt.
Leigh will be checking, re-stocking and cleaning the Loo twice a week.  It will be getting a fresh lick of paint in the autumn but for now it’s great news for visitors to Stoer Head, The Lighthouse & The Old Man O’ Stoer.
Thank you to Scott Barnes from Scourie for sorting out the new coin-operated lock for us!  (
loo at light zoomed on lock       loo at light zoomed on lock and bike and RWM sign

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